Product Information

QualStat is the first statistical software package designed for multivariate data analysis. Including popular general statistics (including univariate SPC charting) and advanced multivariate statistical process control charting, QualStat provides an easy way to analyze your complex data. We consider QualStat to be statistics made easy.

QualStat is being using in many industries including: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, semiconductors, health care. It’s being used by engineers, researchers, quality control professionals and statisticians to provide information about the data from their processes.

A few of the ways in which QualStat is being used:

  • Benchmarking – A technique in which a company measures its performance against that of best in class companies, determines how those companies achieved their performance levels and uses the information to improve its own performance. Subjects that can be benchmarked include strategies, operations and processes (*). QualStat provides the tools necessary to benchmark an operation or process.
  • Data Mining – The discovery of relationships and patterns in data which are not obvious without the use of software tools such as QualStat. Data mining provides insights into the hidden information with an aggregate of data.
  • Statistical Process Control – The application of statistical techniques to control a process.
  • Modelling – The use of mathematical equations to calculate the behaviour of a system. After a system is modelled, then this mathematical description of a systems behavior can be used for optimization, simulation, etc.
  • Optimization – The process of seeking the most favorable condition or solution to a goal by balancing the trading-off results on more than one criterion.
  • Continuous Process Improvement – A philosophy and attitude for analyzing capabilities and processes and improving them repeatedly to achieve customer satisfaction. Statistical tools such as QualStat are an integral part of that analysis.