What’s New in QualStat 6

With each new version of QualStat, we add lots of new features that make the software easier to use and more powerful. The focus is in providing customers with added value in each new release.

Features Used Throughout QualStat

  • Unicode support for international strings
  • Undo / Redo system for hidden records, hidden columns, filter changes
  • Support for importing and merging data from an OSI PI server (requires access license from OSISoft). OSI PI is a trademark of OSIsoft, LLC.
  • Improved ODBC query support
  • Improved Data Importer
    • supports variable description importing
    • support for international number formats
  • Copy/Paste current point selection on charts
    • Data isn’t copied, but it remembers the observations selected. Use this to select points on different charts with the application
  • Previous module button (i.e. “Back” button)
  • Updated navigation bar provides better organization of tools
  • Support for variable descriptions (glossary) through the software
  • Hyperlinks allow for quick viewing of chart information
  • Additional mouse right-click support across the board but with a special emphasis in charting modules
  • Command-line registration of QualStat COM Object with “/regserver” parameter

Data Entry Screen

  • Filter Dialog
    • Parsing of Previous Filters
    • Unlimited number of sub filters
  • Quick Access to Trend plot of variable (via Right-click)
  • New Functions in calculated Expressions
    • DateAdd – adds a number of days (or fraction of a day) to a date
    • IntDate – returns a integer number of days since 12/30/1899
    • Power – raises a number to the given exponent

Charts and Graphs

  • Chart and Graphics reorganized so that Matrices are on different module
  • Improved 3D charts
    • point selection
    • popup information windows
    • copy/paste selection support
  • Chart type image thumbnails on page tabs (along with the variables charted on the tab)
  • Improved context menus of charts (right click access)
  • Quadratic and Cubic fits (in addition to linear) available on “By Observation” (Trend) charts

Univariate Charting

  • Ability to specify a mean and standard deviation for Shewhart Charts
  • Analysis Report
  • CUSUM chart

Capability Analysis

  • Use either individual measures or subgroups
  • Estimation of mean & standard deviation or manual entry of values
  • Estimation of Tolerance ranges for existing data
  • Visual representation can be printed and copied to the clipboard

Multiple Regression

  • Improved Standard Error Plot
    • R2 and Standard Error on sample plot
    • Pop-up hint on Standard Error plot describe model for that step in the search procedure
    • Select model to build specific model (using Right-Click after selection point from Standard Error plot)
  • Custom selection of calculation terms in Search
  • Custom selection of additional fields to build
  • Leverage value field can be created with model
  • Hyperlinks in model results allows quick removal of a single variable from the model
  • Missing observations (rows) are reported at the top of model results
  • Option to copy equation to the clipboard
  • Option to create a variable group (Data Menu) of independent model variables
  • Option to save the model to the newly added Project File
  • Option to export model as an XML file

Principal Components

  • Load MVSPC baselines from Project file
  • Popup Hint support on 3D Plot

MVSPC Baseline Creation

  • Integrated (and improved) decomposition
  • Hyperlinks in decomposition analysis
  • Glossary added to decomposition analysis
  • Option to save created baseline to the Project File

MVSPC Evaluation

  • Decomposition analysis report added (with hyperlinks)
  • Support for loading baseline from Project File
  • Add support for Title, Description and Creation data into baseline files

Project Files

Projects are a new mechanism that holds project information between different data sets. The last used project is loaded at startup and provides area in which to store common information for a project.

  • Glossary for variables
  • Storage and exporting of Regression Models
  • Storage and exporting of MVSPC Baselines