MVSPC Evaluation Tool

QualStat is a great analysis tool for performing lots of different statistical tests and graphics. When the analysis is done and the multivariate baseline has been created, the Evaluation Tool is used to bring this information to the rest of the facility. The application is pre-configured so that you have and “easy to use” interface for accessing your T2 charts as well as multiple trend lines. The application can be configured to merge multiple sources of information into a single set of data. End users only need to simple steps to get access to a wealth of information in the MVSPC chart.

  1. Select a Process
  2. Select a time period (optional)
  3. Click a single button

Data access is simplified greatly so that no additional data collection and assembly is required!


  • Multiple process definitions are stored in a single configuration file
  • Tag glossary can be defined for delivering clear labels for end users
  • Designed for end-users
  • Provides analysis pages that give a clear description of the differences in a selected point and the baseline
  • Configuration file is a text format file similar to an Windows INI file and permits easy modification of application options

Data Access

  • Load data from OSI Pi historian, GE Proficy historian, @AGlance and ADO supported database servers
  • Merge data from multiple sources into a single data set
  • Filter data based on a logical expression
  • Calculate new fields within the application
  • Tag aliases can be used to rename tags before they are displayed to the end user


  • Hotelling’s T2 chart
  • MYT decomposition bar chart
  • Trend chart (by time) for individual and multiple tags
  • XY chart for display relationships that do not match the baseline

How to Purchase

The MVSPC Evaluation tool is available for purchase either through a special QualStat bundle or through site or corporate licensing. For $1,385, you can purchase a software bundle that includes a single user license of the most recent version of QualStat and a 20-user license of the MVSPC Evaluation tool. For an addition $690 cost, this 20-user license can be upgraded to an unlimited license.