QualStat 5 Demo Updated for Backward Compatibility

The newest version of QualStat now requires an updated graphics library from Microsoft. In order to support older systems (Windows 2000, ME and 98), this library is now packaged in the QualStat 5 Demo setup. If you’ve downloaded an earlier version of the demo, then uninstall that version and then reinstall the newer one from the Download area.

QualStat is Vista Ready

With the new release of QualStat, we’ve been testing it out on Vista to make sure that any upgrades to the OS that you might make next year will not effect the software. Now that Vista has gone gold, we thought we would let you know that Windows Vista and QualStat 5 work well together.

QualStat 5 Demo Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the demonstration version of QualStat 5 is now available. To learn about some of the new features, check out the product information page and then download the QualStat 5 software and try it out.

Product Information for QualStat

There is a new multimedia flash demonstration on the Data Features page that illustrates some of the new data features in QualStat 5. One significant new features is the Watch List. The Watch List has been implemented through the software package and allows the user to quickly determine key variable values on any chart. Take a look at the Flash demo to get an idea of what is in store.

QualStat Version 5 Coming Soon!

Welcome to QualStat Online. QualStat version 5 will be available soon and we are creating this new portal for information and news related to the QualStat product line.