QualStat Version 6 Release

The latest version of QualStat provides an extremely easy to use interface packed with powerful statistical tools just waiting to be utilized. Quickly retrieve and analyse data like never before! New baseline editor is available as well as a new project organizational tool. Some great new features you can learn about here. The demo is available now.


Windows 7 Compatibility

Just a quick note about QualStat 5 compatibility with Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7. The first time that you launch QualStat 5, a COM object is registered by the software (this COM object allows interprocess communication from other applications). Because of this, you need to run the software as an administrator. If you don’t, you’ll get a dialog stating that the software has stopped working. Once again, run QualStat 5 the first time as administrator and then you will not need to do that in the future.

Summertime QualStat 5 Update

We’ve made a few corrections to the software (multiple regression residual statistics), so use the auto-update feature of QualStat 5 to download the latest code. You can find the auto-update feature on the Help menu labelled “Check for Updates”. Keep your suggestions coming.

New QualStat Update is Live

QualStat 5 Release 41 is now available using the ‘Check for Update’ on the Help menu. The XML import routines have been updated to be more robust and a problem with the auto-decomposition in baseline creation has been addressed. Download it now to keep QualStat up to date.

QualStat 5 Release 38 Available

Just a small update to let you know that QualStat 5 Release 38 is now available using the ‘Check for Update’ on the Help menu.

QualStat 5 Demo Updated

The demo version of QualStat 5 (available for free download here) has been updated to reflect the changes in the full version of the software. There have been some significant new features and fixes so if you are currently evaluating the product, you will want to get the latest version.

QualStat Update

A new version of QualStat is now available. This version corrects a few defects in the software and also adds the ability to use a Date field on the horizontal axis of the Tē charts. This new feature is very useful when there are gaps in your data. If you are a QualStat user, you can get the update quickly by selecting the Check for Update option from the Help menu.

Comments and Suggestions Welcome

If you’ve purchased QualStat 5, we want to thank you. Part of making the next version of QualStat is to understand the ways in which the software is used and integrating new and exciting features. If you would like to make a comment about the current version or suggestions for the next version, send them to support@incontroltech.com. Thanks for help in making QualStat even better.

Two New QualStat 5 Demos

We have added a couple more Flash demonstrations on the Product Information page. One demonstrates a new module in QualStat that helps when importing from a data historian. The second demo show a simple MVSPC analysis (creation of a baseline and evaluation of new data). Make sure you check them both out.

QualStat 5 Update Available

We’ve released an update to QualStat 5 to correct a few issues that have been found. Updates are easy by using the Auto Update feature in the software.