Update Available

A new update is available for QualStat 6. Current owners can get the update free of charge by selecting the “Check for Update” option from the Help menu of the software. You will definitely want the update if you like pie as there is a new pie chart option in the graphics module.

Data Mining Tools

QualStat is a great product for data mining! With a support for ODBC and also major data historians, you can quickly access your data to look for special relationships in your system. Not only are numerical methods available, but robust graphical tools for visually accessing information.

End User MVSPC Tool Available

After a long trial, we are now offering a new online tool for the MYT decomposition. This tool works with QualStat created baselines to allow data gathering and merging capabilities. This greatly simplifies the deployment of MVSPC solutions within a company or facility. Leverage your data analysis work.

You can find more information here.