MVSPC Course Followup

Many thanks to those that attended our recent MVSPC class. It was very successful. As you implement these new methodologies at your facility, let us know how what challenges you face and allow us to provide a hand when necessary.

MVSPC This Wednesday

For those that have signed up for our MVSPC class on Wednesday, everything is shaping up nicely. We have some great material ready and I’m looking forward to spending a couple days in a discussion about how we can move quality control forward in our individual facilities. If you have some data that you want to specifically look at (some of your own process data) then bring it along and I’ll make sure we discuss it individually with you.

The schedule for Wednesday and Thursday calls for the same start time. We’ll get going at 8 AM in the morning and finish up each day at around 4:30 PM. Lunch will be served around the noon hour with breaks in between. Get there a few minutes early on Wednesday for registration.

Summer MVSPC Training Course Scheduled

Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MVSPC) is one of the fastest growing areas of Industrial Quality Control.  This is occurring because advances in the methodology and in the accompanying computer software have greatly simplified the application of MVSPC in industrial applications.  Most current industrial SPC applications involve the separate charting of a series of variables that are usually related to the quality of the final product.  If the program has been in operation for any length of time, the number of charts that are being monitored can become over whelming to operators and production engineers.  In contrast, MVSPC procedures allow production personnel to simultaneously observe several variables on one consolidated chart.  One of the most popular statistics for monitoring a multivariate process is Hotelling’s T2.  It allows for the informative interpretation of a process signal and can be used under a wide variety of different process conditions that make univariate SPC impracticable and obsolete.

This course focuses on using examples from real world industrial applications to demonstrate the versatility of the T2 as a control statistic for multivariate processes.  The main purpose of the course is to introduce the participant to the capabilities of a multivariate control procedure and to the development of a multivariate control procedure for their production unit or manufacturing process.  Specifically, the construction of a clean historical data set will be illustrated.  The T2 charting statistic will be computed and its importance discussed.  The decomposition of a T2 signal and its interpretation will also be discussed in detail through numerous class examples.  After completing the course, the participant will be familiar with the benefits of applying the T2 control procedure to any multivariate process.

The course will be held in Houston at the Marriott Hotel in the Bush Intercontinental Airport on June 23-24, 2010. The cost of the course is $895. This includes all course material and lunch. Discounts are available for companies sending more than one student. This does not include lodging, so you’ll need to make lodging arrangements separately.

For registration details, see the attached document: 2010 MVSPC Training Flyer. The hours of the course will be 8 AM to 4:30 PM on both Wednesday and Thursday. Conference room assignment will be posted in the Marriott lobby.

Special Thanks

We want to thank those that attended the March MVSPC course in Baton Rouge! There was a lot of participation from the attendees and this made for some excellent discussion time. This was a great group of people. Remember that if you don’t have your course CD, you can still download the QualStat 5 demo with the link above. Don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have additional questions.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our QualStat users! If you are still using QualStat version 4, then now is the perfect time to upgrade to the latest version. With up to a 60% discount off of the retail price, it’s a easy way to increase your productivity during 2007.

ISA 2006 in Houston

A big welcome to everyone at the ISA show in Houston, TX. We had a great day visiting with attendees and showing off the power and simplicity of QualStat 5. The weather has cleared up and we are looking forward to another great couple of days at the show.

ISA 2006

See QualStat 5 at ISA 2006

InControl Technologies will be at the ISA (Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society) 2006 Expo in Houston, Tx on October 17-19. If you are going to be at the show, then come by and take a tour of QualStat version 5. We will be on hand to talk about how MVSPC can compliment and enhance your existing systems.

QualStat Version 5 Coming Soon!

Welcome to QualStat Online. QualStat version 5 will be available soon and we are creating this new portal for information and news related to the QualStat product line.